Amazing intimate essentials near me

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Your Review will not appear online immediately. All reviews are edited before publication and there is a delay of several days. Print Report Problem. Remember Me? Forgot Password? Looking for now Looking for later Not looking. Not a member? Dave Report. Posted May 17 Was here earlier today and the poor guy behind the counter couldn't get me a pass for the back booths.

He kept falling asleep on his feet and wasn't able to operate the register. It seems they have pretty substantial staffing problems. Will try again. Posted Jan 20 I was here last night. A little slow but not bad. I suspect that like many similar places there's more action in the afternoon, especially now that many places have started closing earlier.

You pay twelve dollars cash or card to enter the booth area. You get a code that gives you credits to use to watch videos. Easy to take that code from booth to booth. Booths are fairly big. Could have been a bit cleaner. Then again, I was there late in the day. I'd go back for sure. Don't forget to post new reviews on this site. They really help. Posted Sep 08 I've had some wild times here. I am going to be in the area the night of September 22 and I want to be had by as many guys as possible. I am a total bottom and live to suck and get fucked — at the same time is hot.

I am about 5'10" bald with a mustache. Please cum take me. CTbi Report. Most holes are currently closed in other places, so on a Friday I made the drive to see what is going on in Meriden. Arrived around In addition to other booths, there are two sets of booths in the center with a gloryhole between them. Both also have buddy glass but only one was working. I entered the one with the hole and working glass and was quickly rewarded with a fat mushroom head dick coming through the hole.

The only problem is, the booths with the glory holes have two walls between them. It makes it difficult to stick as much of a dick though as I would prefer with a single wall. No matter. This guy asked if he could come in and I said yes. He came over and a slipped a condom over his fat mushroom head dick and eagerly took him in my mouth. It was not long until he rewarded me with a load in my mouth. I pulled off to see it collected in the end of the condom. He left and I spent the next hour wandering around. Had a pot head come in my booth looking for fun, but he reeked of pot, so I politely declined.

I wandered a bit and saw one naked guy on his knees with his naked ass in the air, waiting for a partner. Not my type. I spent some time in the booths with the holes and looked through at guys getting blown by naked D. All in all it was great to learn that the gloryholes are open and that the back room is pretty much open to clean fun. Hot, hot, hot! Mark Report. Unbelievable experience here. They both come inside my booth and she begins to fondle me. She kneels and so does he and they begin taking turns sucking me!

He did more throat action than her. She mainly sucked the top third of my penis. The guy stood up after about ten minutes and dropped his pants revealing his cock, which was about six inches or so. Never sucked an uncut cock and his glans smelled a little but my head was spinning because she was sucking me and also rubbing her finger against my anus. The guy said if I agreed to fuck him in the ass for a few minutes while he jerked off, then I could fuck her in the ass and cum inside her. I agreed and for a couple minutes she and I took turns sucking his cock.

Her breath was pretty raunchy but I was too fixated on her D-cup tits that had silver dollar sized chocolate colored areolas. Using my precum and some saliva as lube, I penetrated his ass. I tried hard not to cum, she was behind me rimming me, and now had her long finger inside my asshole. Her fingernail was jabbing me inside and hurt. Thankfully the guy came and he turned around and I got to taste some of his cum as it leaked out of his cock.

He tasted very bitter. I tasted her and thrust my tongue inside her asshole and tasted her inside. I then used my precum and saliva to lube my shaft and slowly entered her. She was tighter than the guy but obviously used to assplay. I barely lasted a minute, the smell of her pussy and ass on my hands and face and the guy stuck his forefinger up my asshole and I thrust deep into her ass and came. When I pulled out I could see some messiness on my shaft.

I pulled my pants up and feeling very lightheaded I exited the booth. I waited outside for a while as I wanted to thank them and also ask if we could get together again and have the guy top me while I fuck her. Waited and waited I left. Posted Mar 05 Cleaner and brighter. Booths are very large. Only saw one with gloryhole. Didn't seem as crowded as before. I was there at lunchtime. However I did get to suck some cock, older white guy, by leaving the door ajar. I hope it starts to pick up more traffic.

Cock Sucker Report. Posted Feb 15 This place has gotten much better since they upgraded the booths. They're all new. Some have gloryholes and some are big enough for viewing with three or four people. All have viewing windows into the ading booth that can be cleared or not. The last couple of times I've visited I've had a threesome. Absolutely fantastic. Still a bargain if you're really into sucking cock like me. I had two beautiful ones within five minutes of arriving and two more after that.

My lunch was great that day. Posted Dec 27 The gloryholes are gone. Won't be returning anytime soon. Billy Report. Posted Sep 19 Totally recommend this place.

Amazing intimate essentials near me

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Amazing Intimate Essentials