Anyone want to hangout maybe date

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So, you've got a crush — now what? Sure, it's scary, but if you know how to ask someone to hang out in a casual way, it could all work out in the end. The only issue is deciding on what to say. You want to keep those chill vibes going and knowing how to ask someone to hang out over text takes skill. It's OK if you're feeling a little shy, but don't let the fear of rejection hold you back.

If you don't want to totally lay yourself on the line, take a subtle approach. You can let them know that you're looking to hang without actually confessing your crush. That way, you can play the invitation off as platonic if you need to save face. Believe it or not, you can express your needs without actually seeming needy. Make your crush believe they have something that you need, whether that is a skill, knowhow, or just great company. Not only will your crush feel flattered — it will also give you an excuse to hang out without actually asking them out.

If beating around the bush isn't your thing, then more power to you. Go ahead and leave no ambiguity about what you want by telling your crush exactly how you feel. After all, setting a date and making a plan will make it harder for your crush to say "no" than an open-ended invite might.

Plus, you can still keep your message light so you don't freak them out by coming on too strong. Use the info you know to set up a hang they cannot deny. Take these text ideas and make them your own. Be sure to put your own spin to them if needed. After all, you know what would interest your crush the best. The date is just the cherry on top. Single Life. By Corinne Sullivan and Rachel Chapman. Updated: July 1, Originally Published: Oct.

Texts That Suggest Your Interest. I'd love to see you there. We should make that happen more often and maybe on purpose next time. A new place just opened up, and I've been looking for someone to check it out with me. Are you around to catch up over coffee this week? If you're looking for someone to take advantage of it with, hit me up. You know that show better than anyone. Are you free on Sunday to hit the library with me? How about you me and make it more fun? Want to come see this artsy flick with me this weekend and explain it to me?

If you take me to the best sushi restaurant you know, then dinner is on me. Bowling this weekend. I want to see if you're as good as you say you are. Want to be cute together over drinks this week? Can we get dinner tomorrow so I can confirm you're as attractive as I remember you being? Want to make my day by asking me out? What does your week look like? Well, a new place just opened up in my hood. Wanna see how it compares? I ended up with two tickets to the game on Friday if you wanna tag along. Maybe we could grab a slice later?

Please tell me you have a new show suggestion, and would you want to watch it together? It looked so cool. Would you want to go there together? Search Close.

Anyone want to hangout maybe date

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