Baby african grey parrots for sale

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African grey macaw parrots for sale, Buy an African grey parrot that knows the right words to make you Happy. When you have a companion in your home, life gets brighter. Pets can become your true friends and loving family members. And when you can have a real talk with your buddy, the time you spend together gets even more precious and meaningful. You will have this opportunity with African grey birds because they are one of the most intelligent species.

Science says that many of them have the cognitive abilities of a 6-year-old human child. But African grey parrots can win your heart not only by being smart. There are many reasons to love these birds. We have been breeding and selling African grey parrots for more than 12 years. They can live up to 60 years, so not only will your kids enjoy playing with them but also your grandchildren! They need a lot of attention as they are very sociable species. We maintain very strict requirements pertaining to breeding, raising, and caring for our African grey parrot.

We are devoted to uniting you with an African grey parrot that will become the best companion for you and your family. The perfect health, temperament, and conformation quality of our African grey parrot are our main goals. Good parents breed good African grey parrots. We aim to breed for good health, temperament, and conformation quality — breeding only the best of the best. Our parrots are more than pets, they are part of the family Providing good homes for our parrots is a top priority.

As parrot breeders, we specialize in happy, well-adjusted companion parrots. Confident, highly socialized babies can be your friends for life. Our baby parrots start out under their parents and then are brought into our intensive care nursery,we give our African grey babies a lot of love and attention There, they receive lots of nurturing and gentle handling; they start out in the world feeling safe and secure. They are our pets and companions first and we enjoy seeing our parrots go to pet homes as members of the family. Long Lifespan. Most companion birds have fairly long life-spans, as compared to other pets and Social Interaction Recent studies have shown that keeping birds encourages social interaction, which is good for your mental health.

Hello, hello! On the one hand, there is the interaction with other pet owners, such as the people on the bird forums or at your local pigeon club. And on the other hand, there is the interaction with your birds, themselves. When we say that these parrots can engage in a conversation, we really mean it. Our African greys for sale have quite a large vocabulary knowing about a thousand words. They can also sing, so you will enjoy their company very much. And apart from having outstanding entertaining skills, our birds can become your favorite pets because:.

African greys easily adapt to new surroundings and activities. You can also expose them to other pets without worrying that the birds will be scared. They are loving and altruistic. These pets will make you feel loved and needed. The parrots are easy to care for. Unlike many other large birds, they are not messy and demanding in terms of food. You can teach them to do different things.

As they are smart, African greys can learn tricks and dancing. Our prices for African greys will surprise you. Choose your parrot and get a true friend! African Grey and Macaw Parrots. Benefits of adopting a Parrot or Bird. What our African grey birds can do? And apart from having outstanding entertaining skills, our birds can become your favorite pets because: African greys easily adapt to new surroundings and activities. Adopt A Bird Now.

Why Choose US. All of our Parrots undergo a series of health tests to screen for various possible hereditary diseases, including HCM heart by a specialized cardiologist. These measures avoid many problems for our Birds. Our Mission. Our mission is to produce wonderful indoor companion pets for other Bird lovers like our family, by developing our Parrots's homebody qualities, and providing them with serious Home Training making them potty Trained and Talkatives.

Our Experience. After years of producing exceptional African Greys and Macaw Parrots, we know that our reputation speaks for itself. You will enjoy welcoming one or a pair into your family.

Baby african grey parrots for sale

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