Blk n want 1st Tacoma

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Discussion in ' 2nd Gen. Tacomas ' started by JHudd , Dec 12, Tacoma World. Welcome to Tacoma World! You are currently viewing as a guest! To get full-access, you need to register for a FREE . Rokblokz Regular vs. Rokblokz Oversized vs. Any Other Mudflap? Jacking on a slight grade. Should I trade my 2nd gen for a 1st gen? Post Reply. Alright Yota lovers, I have problem. I am a college student and have a 07 double cab short bed Tacaoma rite now. I want a lift and a tool box but they cost money. Another problem is with a tool box I wont have much of a bed left and I use it a lot.

In fact I already run into some problems because of it's length without the box. I wanted a 1st gen Tacoma from the go, but my parents talked me into getting the 2nd gen. I was looking around on Craigslist the other day and found a 1st gen I really like with only 10k more than mine. It's already got the lift and the tool box. I know by selling mine back to the dealership will cost me in the long run because I will be losing money. But if I did, I would have my extra bed space, tool box, and lift. The one on Craigslist is also a manual which I also prefer. Heres some pictures to show yall what I mean.

JHudd , Dec 12, I would not give up my double cab. Also do you know what kind of lift it is? Because if its just spacers they dont cost all that much. Razgriz , Dec 12, I'm pretty sure your losing all around on this deal. I would rather put money into my truck knowing what I have on it and that I did the work myself and take my time than to buy a much older vehicle because it has a lift and a bedbox. You would also be giving up cab space which means less people in the vehicle. You can always get a trailer for bed space. WiR3D , Dec 12, Razgriz 3" Fabtech Fox racing shocks and springs and a rear add-a-leaf and 3" body.

WiR3D True. I also get worried I will get the feeling, "It's not my project" after buying the 1st gen. My truck is also still under the certified warranty for another year. One of the few advantages to the 1st Gen is it's narrower. That's an advantage for off-roading. I went to the 2nd Gen and there's places where it just can't go compared to the Gen I. I was scraping tree branches in this new one where I'd zip right through with my ' Not to mention squeezing through rock outcrops. The 1st Gen V6 also had timing belts, the new 4. Keep your truck.

You have already posted enough reason that tells me you would be better off with a second gen. Reasons to not get the 1st gen that one in particular -I wouldn't get a 1st gen xtra cab unless I absolutely knew I would drive NO one around but one other person. Then you run in to bed space issues so if all you need is the xtra cab then go for a nicer stock one. If i was you i'd get a folding tonneau and call it a day. JdevTac , Dec 12, First of all, youre asking in the wrong section Second, Yes Third, Dont get that 1st gen.

MapleMoose , Dec 12, In grad school, just made a similar decision purchasing my first truck. Stick with your 2nd gen. I know 1st gen has that appeal especially w the options you want, but it's just not worth it at this point. Shit, you got a real nice truck, enjoy it! Husky Liners. Ben83 , Dec 12, Keep the 2nd gen! You're making a decision on what you want now immediately, but you'd kick yourself tomorrow. If bed space is what you are worried about get a bed extender or a canopy. You'll lose more than you think with the dealership, trust me.

Beast Mode , Dec 12, Really appreciate the input everyone. I'm going to keep my 2nd gen. I am looking into a folding tonneau rite now but I will most likely just deal with the bed space and when I need any of my tools get them from my parents basement. JHudd , Dec 13, I got rid of my 1st gen that I loved because the frame rust was coming.

It wasn't bad enough to break anything, but it was coming and you cannot stop the frame rust. It was a reliable truck though. Vstrom30 , Dec 13, Show Ignored Content. Tacomas Energy Suspension- 9. Spicer X U-t Kit. UView Combustion Leak Tester. Smittybilt 2. Lisle Wheel Stud Installer. Username or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Blk n want 1st Tacoma

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