Chatting mobile sites

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Talk to colleagues. Enable teams to collaborate with real-time chat, audio, file sharing and video calls. Talk to other companies. Communicate in real-time with partners, vendors, suppliers or any external organization. Talk to customers. Talk to visitors and customers in one place, regardless of how they connect with you. Talk to the apps you love. Explore our marketplace to find and build custom apps that streamline your workflows. Facebook Messenger.

Live Chat. Enterprise edition. Flexibility and scalability. Open source. The communications platform you can fully control and trust. Financial services. Use Cases. Digital transformation. Customer service.

Remote work. Get started. Choose between on-prem or SaaS trial. Become a part of RocketChat. the millions of users and developers who are improving the way the world communicates. the community. Become a partner.

Why partner with Rocket. Learn more about our partner program, Catalyst. Grow your business by ing the Rocket. Chat partnership program. Talk to sales Get started — it's free. Data privacy security ownership in every conversation. Real-time conversations with your colleagues, other companies or customers. Chat does everything other platforms do, except exposing your data. Get started — it's free. Check it out. Integrate the tools you need and custom apps right into Rocket.

Chat to streamline workflows. The Rocket. Chat difference. SaaS or Self-hosted. Control over the stewardship of your data. Full access to the code. Unlimited customizations, security assurances and ability to contribute to the roadmap. Every conversation, every channel. Talk to colleagues, partners, vendors, website visitors or customers, regardless of the channel they choose to connect with you. Words from our security-centered customers. Niki Papazoglakis.

Mike Schwartz. Chat met all of our requirements. Chat how to embrace open source all the way. The product works flawlessly and the support is excellent. Chat, we figured out how to win customers without sending engineers on site. Become a part of the largest open source communications community in the world. Collaborate with millions of users and developers who are improving the way the world communicates.

Chatting mobile sites

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