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You will likely experience the death of at least one grandparent in your lifetime and, when you do, it may cause intense pain and heartache. Although your grief will ultimately be unique to you and to the relationship you had with your grandparent, in the following article we will discuss a few of challenges common to grieving the death of a grandparent.

With such an age difference, many people experience the death of at least one of their grandparents in childhood or early adulthood and for many, this will be their first experience with loss. Experiencing the death of a loved one for the first time can be confusing and scary and can lead to questions about death, death related rituals, and grief.

The death of any family member can have an impact on the family as a whole. Depending on the circumstances, you may feel as though you have to prioritize the needs of others in your family before attending to your own grief and wellbeing. Rather I think it means that when we all grieve together — when we share our sadnesses, our fears, and our joyful memories — we are ultimately able to give and receive more support and comfort than if we were to grieve alone. It would be ideal if all families could grieve together, however, we know that they often do not. Heightened emotion, grieving styles , misunderstandings, even fighting can make it hard for people to 1 support one another and 2 attend to their own needs.

If any of this is true for you, you may have to work extra hard to balance your needs with the needs of others. Families differ in their closeness, hierarchy, proximity, relationships, and overall dynamics. Many grandchildren have very close relationships with their grandparents and rely on them for a of their social, emotional, or physical needs. Perhaps they love their grandparent dearly but never felt they had the opportunity to spend as much time with them as they would have liked.

Some grandchildren lose their grandparent well before they are old enough to have a deep and mature relationship with them. Often times, family members consider the eldest family member to be the patriarch or matriarch of the family. After the death of a loved one, people often long for others to recognize and acknowledge their pain.

The person who has died is important and loved. People minimize losses for a handful of reasons. Some may make judgments based on their subjective experience that grandparents are distant, non-nuclear relatives. While some may realize how much pain you are in, but offer the wrong words of comfort. Just remember, your grief is a reflection of your unique relationship with your grandparent and your individual ability to cope with this loss.

You, and only you know how much pain you are in and how this loss ought to be grieved. Leave a comment and tell us about your experience grieving the death of a grandparent. Subscribe to stay up to date on all our posts. Giacinta August 26, at am Reply. My Nonno and Nonna were my best friends, my rock, my comfort.

We were so incredibly close. My Nonna passed away 7 years ago and Nonno passed away in They were so beautiful, kind, generous and loving. Grief hits me at random times over the years. I am so saddened as this was my happy place, where all my memories of them are held. It hurts so much.

I miss them all over again. How can the two most important people in your life who had such a profound impact on you, who helped raise you and nurture you your whole life just disappear? I will cherish my memories with them forever and will tell my baby girls all about them when they are old enough to listen.

Brie August 6, at am Reply. She was my rock. My best friend, my role model, my confidant, my protector, my support, and my soft place to land. She was strong and smart and tough, but always kind. She was the framework of my life, and the rest of my family too. All the things I want to tell her and ask her are precariously stacked in some corner of my mind, with nowhere to go. What a beautiful relationship you had. How special that we got to share such an amazing relationship with them.

Maria July 30, at am Reply. I lost my grandma 8 years ago. She was like a second mother to me. I would regularly stay over and she was core to our family. I know she is an angel as she was the most selfless and kindest person I have ever known. My grandpa past away July We never got clear answers what was wrong but for months we were in and out of hospitals.

Covid regulations made us unable to see him together and for limited time. Eventually he moved into a home and we got 15 mins twice per week to visit him through a window. Covid took everything from our family. Once he moved into a care home the two week isolation took time off his life.

I am sure of it. He had a nurse check on him a few times a day. Otherwise was left alone in a room with no social interaction. What I witnessed sticks in my mind. My other grandpa lives with us. The other day he suffered two cardiac arrests. Just one year after my other grandpa died. I have been home feeling sick for over a week while he is in the hospital. I am praying for his recovery as this pain I am feeling is making my depression return.

I hope it is not yet his time and I get to have him in my life for longer. I speak to my family, bf, and two best friends. I mainly do this because I know from past experiences that people might minimize my pain. They also often speak to me like I should not be so upset. I hate this. It makes me feel like they do not understand what I am doing through.

These grandparents are instrumental to my life and my accomplishments. They are everything to me and I truly believe many people do not know the appropriate things to say to such pain. Therefore I avoid them. I do not need to be told the same minimal responses from people around me. I also do not like being fake when I am out.

Therefore I am waiting for better news and hoping my grandpa heals. Tara July 28, at am Reply. My grandfather had a heart attack Monday morning. Ultimately, it was his kidneys that shut down. It was horrible to see him struggling to breathe. He passed away 3 hrs and 5 minutes ago. Will someone please wake me up from this nightmare? Grandpa raised my sister and I because our dad ran out.

We were the only ones with him when he passed. He has 4 kids and it was just us. I am grateful we were with him. We just kept telling him we loved him over and over again. As he stopped breathing and his heart was still beating, we told him it was okay to go. He was so tired. I miss him so much already and it just started. How am I going to live my whole life without him?

I hope he is in heaven and reunited with his parents who passed in the 70s. I miss him , I miss him, I miss him. I am very sorry. I hope you find peace and will be ok. Bee August 21, at pm Reply. I, too have felt exactly how you have felt, I wondered how I was going to get through. Keep remembering all the good times and looking out for the s, that definitely helps me. Hope you are ok x. Crystal September 20, at pm Reply. My grandma was found dead this evening laying on the bathroom floor. She lives alone and may have died a few days ago. She was 92 people keep saying she lived a good life.

But why did she have to die that way? Why not peacefully in her sleep? This is so painful. Jazz June 10, at am Reply. My granny left me on June 7th in her sleep. My grandfather her husband passed two years ago.

Granny ar soo hot

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Grieving the Death of a Grandparent