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Hey all, as a potential competitor of Looker, I'm not sure how I should feel about this news. When Google acquired Alooma, they slowed down the development and dropped the support for other destinations such as Redshift and Hive. Looker's sale team is so aggressive and their support team is great. In fact, that's why Looker became so big in the last few years. Google is not famous in terms of support.

Since most of Looker customers are enterprise companies, Google will probably chase them to switch to BigQuery. Don't worry about it. It's undoubtedly an aquihire. If there is one thing that Google demonstrates consistently is a complete disregard for relationships with external parties. This product will die once Google stops communicating with external companies. This is your opportunity to reassure your partners you're not going away and to reach out to Looker's companies to see if you can help stay in-front of this. Just don't be a dick about it: "Hey, just saying that Google is known for letting products die.

If you're concerned about this, we'd love to know how to help you with those concerns. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it, if anything Google Cloud just raised the profile of every BI product out there. I work very closely with the Google Cloud team as a technology partner. The next piece of the puzzle will be an integration platform to help bring it all together.

We would love to replace ours with something open source if it is better. We love DBT. Do you have the Meltano models in a repository? It looks similar to LookML so the use-case is similar. I would love to hear more and see some of your example Meltano models, could you please send an to emre [at] rakam. Anyone else who wants to in is welcome, the link is open. We have launched a new open source project to work on the spec and collaborators are welcome.

Looking forward to starting working with you! Is there an official project for your LookML alternative or is it part of a larger Github repo? We actually developed this feature we call it recipe 2 weeks ago and we're working on the documentation at the moment. Since we focus on product data, the first recipe is written for Segment Warehouse. When users connect to their Segment warehouse, we automatically install this recipe, they can fork our Segment recipe to build their models on top of our base recipe.

We will definitely focus more on Looker use-cases after this acquisition. That's correct but we're not an ETL engine. How does it work with parameterized filtering, time intelligence, etc? Does the user have to modify the script or can they do it through point and click UI. Still working out the best UX to expose to the user, but I think I'll go the approach of Mode since our users are sophisticated enough to write analytic SQL. Do you have a source for that? That's probably the major reason of the acquisition. Two intellectually low quality points that get made for almost every google related news item - 1.

YouTube has certainly faired well even if it is not yet profitable. I think you go too far! It has been profitable for almost 3 years out of 14 so far! Indeed, it is the 1 destination for children to be offered Nazi propaganda as related content on episodes of Teletubbies. Google Docs SeanAppleby on June 6, [—]. And Android, Youtube, Doubleclick, etc. What sorts of difficult maintenance tasks are you having to do on your phone that I've apparently been missing out on? I press "okay" when my phone tells me I have an update. That's it. I get monthly security updates from my phone manufacturer, actually.

Security problems are famously unique to Android. And Waze too. I love that app's singular focus in improving the driving experience and nothing else as a Maps product. If you're not in your car to drive to the next Dunkin Donuts, what are you even doing? I wouldn't be surprised if they start sunsetting Waze once they're fully integrated and finished experimenting on it.

Maybe that's the plan who knows! Yes mostly related to advertising in some way which is their core business besides I think OP wasn't remarking about the financial success of the company as a part of Google, but the absorbing by Google of former SAAS companies and finally dropping their original paying customers. We are a Looker customer and are concerned. Hundreds of millions or even low billions of revenue isn't interesting to them it seems. The others are too relatively new? Curious which ones you had in mind that dropped enterprise customers?

I could argue that the above are not successful and I would also like to see how many acquisitions total were made and what percentage actually end up not straight-up dying. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. SeanAppleby on June 6, [—] and Sheets.

Hey serious looker

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