How to be a lyrical genius

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Our all-time favourite angry rap god and outright master of the English dictionary Marshall Mathers, has been known to throw down some incredible lines of craft in his songs. Eminem is a beyond talented poet with a talent to cut through the mediocre with a chainsaw. Literary devices and quick staccato are used to draw out his hurt, and the way his flow goes from high to low to enunciate certain phrases is next to none. What you get is raw, real, Marshal Mathers. The music industry, let alone celebrity life, can be hugely polarising and pressureful for any person. Well well well.

In this instance of lyric, Slim Shady gets heavy on the truth of standing up and being brave with a sense of urgency to take the plunge and not look back — you might not get a second shot. Did you need to feel even more connected to Eminem? Well here you go. It serves an absolute purpose in life whereby as a kinder human, you should always empathise with another in pain in an attempt to look at their truth from their perspective. Never fading, and I know the haters are forever waiting.

Not particularly inspirational or moving, but once you understand this one verse is sung in just 14 short seconds, you might just change your mind. up to our newsletter. Classic Hip Hop. View this post on Instagram. Lyrics Eminem By Emma Ellwood.

How to be a lyrical genius

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