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Our massage therapists are highly-skilled and experienced--trained in a variety of modalities. Local doctors, chiropractors chiropractic offered onsite , and physical therapists refer patients to our office for support. Take our tour below and read testimonials below that. Stevie D, Buckcherry band guitarist. Neural Reset Therapy: "I've had this problem for years. After one session, my hip is perfectly fine, my foot feels much better. It is worth the wait to get in! I've found my girl therapist! Neural Reset Therapy: "Having had a car accident and consequently suffering a stroke, I found NRT to alleviate the pain, increase my range of motion, and to be longer lasting than any other therapy that I've tried--and I've tried them all!

It is helping to reconnect my muscle functions to my brain. Neural Reset Therapy: "That was amazing. It doesn't hurt anymore. I have tried most places in Dubuque and found that these professionals know their stuff. Nothing but quality! They listen to the customer and identify their needs. I highly recommend Therapeutic Massage above all others. Doug C. I have been seeing Joan for over 15 years and she has been instrumental in keeping me pain free. I am eternally grateful for her compassionate care in a relaxing environment.

I went from not being able to stand up straight when I got out of the car, to pain free. Cheryl S. They are all good! Mary Brady. That was amazing. Neural Reset Therapy: "That was awesome! It's the best I've felt in a long, long time. The BEST place to get a massage!

I can't believe my headache is gone so fast! Deb Ehlers. It is amazing! Where other places focus on the environment and pretty settings they focus of quality massage. I highly recommend Dubuque Therapeutic Massage above all others. It had been helpful, but did not resolve the pain. I was thankful, after moving to Dubuque, to find a helpful doctor and physical therapist.

The physical therapist recommended that I go to see Joan Knockel. I was told that Joan provided excellent medical massages. The physical therapist was impressed with Joan's knowledge of the origins and insertions of the muscle groups. She said that Joan's techniques had been very effective in relieving the pain of other clients that were treated by the both of them.

I immediately felt comfortable with Joan. She has a positive and caring personalityl As soon as she began to work on my muscles, I knew that she was not only knowledgeable but skilled. Driving home after the appointment, I realized that I was totally pain free for the first time in over two years! As a nurse, I know that nerve and muscle pain can be long term and is not immediately resolved.

But, in the course of therapy, I have experienced diminishing pain and increasing mobility. I have so enjoyed getting to know Joan as well as receiving the massages that I will probably continue scheduling appointments even after the neck issue is totally resolved. She provides a wonderful relaxation massage also!

I am a massage therapist myself and in this profession we rely a great deal on finding other therapists who can provide us thorough therapeutic work. I am from outside of Dubuque, and I certainly don't mind the drive to Therapeutic Massage's office, because I know the high-quality service is going to last me a long time. She is focused on wholeness, wellness, and peace. I highly recommend -Therapeutic Massage- for your health. Sue Hird-Pregler. I was impressed with her technology and her determination to correct the problems. And, if all her skills and techniques are not enough, you get to know a sincerely lovely, and caring lady.

Now I can lay on that shoulder. Neural Reset Therapy: "It's fascinating how it works, but it definitely feels better. Neural Reset Therapy: "That was pretty amazing! I was in serious pain this morning! I was lost for a while, then I came back, then I got lost again. Neural Reset Therapy: "I was amazed at how surprisingly immediate the were. Reflexology: "My feet feel fantastic! Hands like no other! I feel like a noodle--a happy noodle! Neurel Reset Therapy: "I can't believe it would be that easy, and it didn't hurt. Overall euphoria!! It helps to keep my body moving through these golden years.

The process seemed far too easy to be successful but it made a difference in one session. Before my session, I experienced constant pain between my shoulder blades and neck. Thankfully, I reached out to Joan and found this marvelous therapy option. For my follow-up appointment with Joan I received a full body treatment. My pain is gone and I feel like a new person. Thank you so much Joan for improving my quality of life! You always have the cleanest bathroom! Be it Massage, Reflexology, or Reset Therapy. After just a few sessions of NRT, it's gone. Thank you Joan! Every month I bask in the warmth, comfort, calming, caring touch and walk out more whole and happy.

I would recommend it without hesitation! Neural Reset-- "I feel so relaxed right now, I'm shocked. I was apprehensive about how this work could be relaxing. That was amazing! My whole wellbeing is respected and renewed. It is a 'me' day. Debbie Maiers". I feel great afterwards! I'm inspired to take care of my own body after an appointment with her. If you like long strokes and a fufu massage, this is the one! You're the best, Joan!! Joan makes me feel young again. She genuinely cares about making me feel better. I can't say enough about what a warm, caring person she is.

She always makes you feel special. Love her :- " Penny S. She is strong and gentle, finding the perfect pressure you need, and she's a great listener; our sessions always double as two types of therapy. She is truly amazing as a person and a Massage Therapist. Great massage. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. She is able to really help me and focus on making me feel better. Thank you! They even offer DOT physicals and cupping. Mary Brady "It's incredible! HATM "Joan is so professional, understanding, patient, knowledgeable, and fun. Sue Hird-Pregler "After two knee replacements I was left with stiffness and pain when I walked more than a few minutes.

Mary Brady "Before I came here I wasn't able to sleep on my shoulder for about 9 months. Debbie Maiers" "Love getting massages here. Darcy "For complete relaxation and to have all aches and pains disappear.

Massage dubuque ia

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