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Do you know Erogames? You can find lots of high-quality free to play games and visual novels! To be a singing idol takes years of lessons and practice and dedication to your craft. It also takes a good manager that can get you in touch with the right people. In this story, an up and coming star moves in with her manager who also seems to be intent on her not making it and just having her live with him. First of all, yes - those two strange characters that are mentioned already in the title of this game are actually the main characters that you will be playing as!

And this fact should not surprsie you this much since they are Elio and Loretta and they are married. Together they are living a nice life in the year Oh, and Loretta is one hot looking busty elf chick by the way!

But may be this is the reason why Elio can't last for too long in the bedroom? And because of this Loretta still can't get enough of sexual experince to please her man properly and to gain the pleasure for herself? Well, at least they are ready to solve this problem yet for that they might require to find someone third Lust Hotel v6. Just as you could expect from a game titled as "Amy's Lust Hotel" it wil be a visual novel about the redhead girl named Amy who is helping to her mom to run a hotel The thing is Amy is really enjoying having sex lots and often so when she finds out that she can use it to keep the visitors even more happy and to make them to spend even more money then she puts this talent of hers into use immediately.

Ofcourse she is not the only girl in this hotel who acts like that which obviously comes with all the pros and cons but what exactly relations they all will set and which troubles they will have to get through in the process you will find out only when you will play the game yourself.

Hentai Diaries. In this game you will be playing as a new guy at the new school with all the pros and cons of this position - from trying to fit into the rules of this place to finding new friends and earning your place in the local hierarchy. But don't worry too much - there will be more fun and romantic situations than you probably expecting afetr reading such grimm introduction yet in order to get to them you will still have to put some efforts in conversation.

And saying good words and picking the proper options through dialogs won't be ebnough - before you will be able to get to the fan part you will probably need to perform some sort of personal quest such as distract the guard so you could sneak into the pool and have sex with one of your new girlfriends there! Chaotic x2. Could you ever thought that you will be dealing with hot looking blonde chick and the game of ed plates at the very same time?

Yet this game is exactly about that - while you will be combining the plates with the same s to double the value hot babe will be stripping down for you! The higher the values you will set the less clothes will stay on her The plates will be moving all aorund the playing field randomly so it may be hard to watch all of them especially when such gorgeous lady is perfoming in front of you yet since there is no time limits you are free to pay attention to both gameplay and striptease rewards for as long as you will want to! Strip her down completely and she will show you which dildo sextoy is her favorite!

Anna Sexy. What can cheer you up when you are getting back home after hard working day? Sexy neighbor who is moving into appartment rigth next to you - that's what! And once you will see how sweet she looks from behind you will forget about being tired and help her with all those big and heavy boxes with one goal only - to try to seduce her! Yet moving the boxes is just a first step and during the process you will be conversating with Anna that's your new neighbor's name by the way and this is where you should pay attention to pretty much every choice that you will make - each phrase might affect her sympathy to you and in order to have sex you obviously should keep it on the highest level.

And yes, getting no sex at all is one of possible endings in this game. Basket Challenge XXX. Each successful throw will bring you not only additional scores but also unlock one new picture in the gallery which is also connected with sport and erotic themes - step by step you will witness what actually happens on the private training session of female sports team!

Ofcourse everything will start as usual but soon gorgeous bodies in tight clothes will make the effect and this whole improvised gym will turn into improvised lesbian orgy! But to see all that these ladies have to show you should not forget about sending the balls into basket and keep winning! If after completing the second chapter of "Hire Me Fuck Me" you have thought that everything is good with your fast food business then this new chapter is going to proove you that you were wrong because the girls who was working for you as waitresses and other staff are ready to move on.

For example take a look at Miss Fairia who is ready to quit the job because she got the opprtunity to get into college! Ofcourse the way that she said goodbye which was involving the blowjob and striptease is quite nice touch but this is not making your position any easier. Yet the life goes on and if you need to find and train new personel then so be it!

And who said that new girls can't be better and hotter than the ones you had before? That's right - no one said that! Darkness Falls. You are one experienced police detective in the middle of the investigation of quite strange and thrilling case. And if this is not enough you are working on it with new partner whose name is Michelle Won. And who looks quite sexy we might say. So two of you you will be not only questioning the suspects, exploring the crime scenes and do other routine police stuff but also you will have to find a common language with eaxh other and find the way to work together.

Will it be possible through sex or will you prefer to keep your relations as completely proffessional? The choices are up to you even though in darkness not everything is what it seems to be. Sin'dorei Inquisition. This game may seem to be quite simple to you yet if you are into "World of Warcraft" or at least into hot looking slutty elven chicks then you definitely should check it. The idea is also straight - the elven queen wants to fuck and there is no one around who could please her So the only thing that is left to do in this istuation is to let her to do whatever she will want to!

But there will be some choices still allowed for you to make non the less - for example you have quite wide choice of characters that will represent yourself in this pov hentai scene with few additional features which you can get access through the game at any moment. Also you can select the intensity of the scene and pick the moment when you are ready to perfom a cumshot that will please your queen! The Bungler and the Witch. Even the title of this game which is "The Bungler and the Witch" should already create the atmosphere of a fairy tale themed adventure and actually it is!

Only this time you are going to enjoy the fairy tale in interactive format You wil be playing as a simple guy who lives a simple life of a simple guy until the moment when he realizes that he has certain troubles with ladies.

In order to fix this problem you need to find a witch and to talk her into making a very special magic potion that will help you. Good luck! Being a brave warrior and fighting monsters can be quite fun and exciting Yet not everything is lost and you still have a chance to not only get back to your normal state but also to deal with those tricky demons but for that you will have to perform quite an unusual quest which will involve a lot of travelling, characters interactions, turn-based battles and So lets hope that you are enjoying hentai scenes enough to not worry on what exactly side in this scene you are.

By the way fucking those demons will make it easier to fight them But you will have to figure it out by yourself. Octo Puzz. The title of this erotic game - "Octo Puzz" - consists of two words so to describe it let's just take a closer look at both of them. The other word is "Puzz" and it will be meaning not only "puzzles" but also "pussies" because in this game you will be assembling pictures and even video scenes involving hot lesbian models playing with each other so you are going to witness quite a lot of wet pussies in hot action!

But will you be able to see all of them in all 11 rounds that game has to offer? Let's figure it out! Cummy Bender Stage 3. Legendary avatar Korra who after certain events and getting into serious debts has become an erotic model is back which means it is time for you to come back as well and to continue your career of the best agent ever This is already third chapter of the story so if you wnat to know all the details or at least to udnerstand what is going on around then it is recommended to play through the games first and which you also can find on our website.

As for this part of the story then Korra will keep her career under yoru guidance as well as she will keep exploring her elements bending talents. And since she will be getting only stronger you will probably want to end up on her good side when the story will get to it's main twist In this game which besides the obvious hentai parody content actually combines many other gameplay elements you will get much deeper into unexplored relations between green skin hottie named Cheelai and a couple of dudes she happens to live with once Goku had to move away for some time because of his trainings or whatever he is doing there From now on you will be exploring many familiar as well as new ones locations, meet different characters, talk to them and may be even perform certain quests for them and all of it you will be doing for just one pretty clear goal - to unlock as many hentai themed content as only possible!

Well, and to enjoy additional stories in case if you happened to be the fan of Dragon Ball anime and manga universe. In Bare Witness, a young man goes to art school after experiencing a major upheaval in his life. He has no idea what is about to happen to him.

New sex flash games

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