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Stuart Forster bares all about the experience of going naked at a sauna in Germany and recommends some of his favourite German saunas. I was hesitant in my response. Secondly, she was speaking German and I was visiting the city to improve my language skills. I was learning the way that people speak in Bavaria is markedly different to Hochdeutsch , the type of German I was learning in night classes. What if I was misinterpreting what she was saying? Whipping off my trunks would surely appear a tad bizarre, perhaps offensive.

Like a super-heated mini-theatre with wooden benches, the Finnish sauna was packed with people waiting for the hourly Aufguss. The Saunameister was about to enter and waft around a towel after pouring pine-scented water over the heated stones at the front of the sauna. Facing the Saunameister and taking two or three blasts of expertly directed of hot air from a swinging towel certainly gets the perspiration flowing.

I find them invigorating though they require tolerance to heat. Staying until after the Aufguss concludes is essential. I was on a weeklong visit to Bavaria and immersing myself in as many authentic German experiences as possible. Earlier in the week I almost crashed my hire bicycle after unexpectedly seeing a naked man deftly jumping while playing with a Frisbee as I cycled through the park.

In relevant contexts, mixed gender nudity is embraced and natural. It was certainly being practised in the mixed sauna that I was sitting in. Having been brought up in Britain, where a less liberal attitude towards nudity tends to prevail, it somehow felt wrong, shameful even, to participate. People nodded. Reluctantly, I felt compelled to remove my trunks. I suppose I could have left the sauna but why? Ultimately, what was there to be uncomfortable about? The sauna-goers found that comment hilarious. They were still laughing as the Saunameister entered the sauna with his wooden bucket, wood ladle and a towel over his shoulder.

For me it was an uncomfortable moment during my first visit to a German sauna. I subsequently moved to Germany and became fluent in German. Sauna visits became part of my lifestyle and integrated into my relaxation rituals. Over time I even came to regard being naked in the sauna much more natural that wearing swimming trunks; doing so in me getting a heat rash on my thighs. I recall feeling uncomfortable when a group of English-speaking tourists entered a sauna still wearing their bathing costumes. They were joking immaturely about being in a German naked sauna.

They were there not to experience a sauna in Germany but to gawp at the nude sauna culture. If you have the right mindset and are willing to embrace the experience of spending time in a textile-free zone, visiting a sauna in Germany is a tremendous experience.

It feels natural and is simultaneously invigorating and relaxing. I was based in Munich , where the municipal swimming pools have quality saunas. I rate them among the best saunas in Germany. The sauna area is influenced by Roman baths and is relaxing to spend time in.

The Dantebad features outdoor swimming pools. The sauna has in- and outdoor areas. Like the idea of a spa day while in Germany? Stuttgart also has some outstanding municipal swimming baths and saunas, including Das Leuze.

The multifaceted SchwabenQuellen has themed areas, including a Canadian-style blockhouse sauna and Tibetan-inspired meditation sauna. The historic Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme is well worth a visit. Google map of Germany. Looking for accommodation in Germany? Search for hotels via Booking. Visit the German National Tourist Board website for further ideas about wellness destinations and other things to do and see in Germany.

He is available commissions by newspapers, magazines and online publications. I grew to love sauna visits while in Germany. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Two towels, a pair of sliders or flip-flops plus shower gel. An Aufguss in a German sauna Like a super-heated mini-theatre with wooden benches, the Finnish sauna was packed with people waiting for the hourly Aufguss. Visiting a German naked sauna People had mentioned that German sauna culture involved getting your kit off. A naturist spa visit?

Swimming shorts are not permitted in a textile-free area at a sauna in Germany. Embracing sauna etiquette and German culture I subsequently moved to Germany and became fluent in German. Why not head to a sauna the next time you visit Germany? Set aside at least four hours for the experience of visiting.

Take a towel to sit or lie on plus a towel to dry yourself. Steam rooms tend to feature a hose for you douse the bench before and after your stay. Wrapping yourself in a towel between visits to heated rooms is also an effective option.

Several municipal swimming pools in Germany feature wellness areas that are accessible for an additional fee. Take a pair of sliders or slip-flops to wear on your feet between visits to the sauna or steam room. Spend up to 15 minutes in the sauna or steam room then shower to cool down. Taking a dip in a plunge pool or a cold shower is invigorating and worth doing if you can stand the chilly temperature of the water. Rehydrate by drinking plenty of water after sweating in the sauna. Check accessibility before visiting the sauna.

Some saunas hold women-only or men-only sessions in addition to mixed days. I also enjoyed spending time at the Nordbad and Westbad. The Kurhaus Wiesbaden. The building is a key attraction in a German city renowned for spa culture and saunas. Getting to Germany The Google map below shows Germany. Use Pinterest? You may also enjoy reading these posts:. Go Eat Do November 9, at Reply. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

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Nude sauna munich

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Germany: Nude Spas Not for the Faint of Heart