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I think they are made by the same company except the Nutribullet is w motor and the Magic Bullet w. Not sure how much difference it will make to the final smoothie. Maybe not quite a finely blended or would struggle with some bigger frozen fruits? I've got the Nutribullet myself and it's great. I think the cups look slightly better and more substantial on the Nutribullet and you get 2 cups and lids and a screw on handle.

I use the Nutribullet to grind bread for breadcrumbs or peppers and things for marinades as it's handier to set up and clean than a food processor. I voted hot as it's the kitchen gadget that I use the most except my coffee bean grinder and this is a good bit cheaper than the Nutribullet but still the same company so must be decent.

Are these quiet? I know this sounds like a silly question, but we have a Ninja Blender, and thanks to my tinnitus, I'm too frightened to ever use it unless I put in ear plugs and wear ear defenders, and honestly, who wants to go to that hassle for a drink? I'm trying to find a quiet one, even if low powered, just for blending up things like soft fruits, oats, maybe the odd chunk of ice and frozen fruit here and there. Thanks :. I'm on my 2nd series model which, if you can stretch to, is better for blending fruit with hard pips and for fruit with tough skin.

Only on 2nd one because after making two 5 fruit smoothies a day for 5 days a week for over 4 years it finally gave up the ghost a month ago. After around years of use 2 smoothies 5 times a week ours smelt like it was about to catch fire this morning and it sounded terribly rough so perfect timing for this Prime Day deal. Ordered and heat added. And yes, this one will blitz smoothies with frozen fruit, oranges with pips, chunks of watermelon with pips, apple chunks with skin, almonds and walnuts all together and the are super smooth when a little milk and water is added. One tip though, never let the blade assembly get manked up, always wash it straight after every use and spin the blade while rinsing it out.

If you get any spills on the actual machine itself by the main spinny wheel thing don't let that dry up and go manky. In plug from mains and gently clean. It has a drainage hole to clear and rinse out spills. If the blade does start to get stiff and not free spinning a little lubrication doesn't help then replace it so you don't put unnecessary strain on the motor. A new blade assembly is cheaper than a new Nutribullet! But what is the best NutriBullet device to purchase, and how can smoothie fans get the best deal when kitting out their kitchens?

This hotukdeals buyers guide will introduce what the brand has to offer, what makes NutriBullet products stand out, and how to pick them up for the lowest possible cost. Whether we're talking about stick or immersion blenders , devices for liquefying ingredients have been a staple part of kitchens for decades. But with the smoothie craze kicking off in the late s, consumers started to clamour for tools that could handle pulpy, fibrous fruits and vegetables , turning them into delicious drinks.

The stage was set for upstart companies to challenge kitchen appliance giants, and NutriBullet was one of the first to make its pitch. It hasn't looked back since. Starting with the Magic Bullet in , the company introduced a series of innovative blenders. But things took a real step forward in , when the first Nutri Bullet product hit the market. Starting out in America, the NutriBullet mobilised cutting edge technology to chop, grind, and slash fruits, herbs and veg , with an efficiency level that home devices had never offered before.

With more and more people exploring exotic, healthy smoothies and protein shakes , the Nutri Bullet acquired a cult following, and rapidly became a fixture in kitchens across the world. Since , the product range has become more elaborate and diverse, with various styles of NutriBullet available to purchase. We'll have a look at every option in a moment and point out where to find the best NutriBullet deals, but first, let's get under the skin of the brand to find out what sets NutriBullet blenders apart from the crowd.

What is it about NutriBullet UK consumers seem to like so much? At a basic level, there's nothing exceptional about NutriBullets. Most models in the product range feature motorised bases and transparent cups, which are placed over a rapidly rotating blade.

That's more or less how any food blender would work. But there is a difference. Their unique ability is to use high-powered motors to spin sharpened blades at higher than average speeds. This reduces cutting durations, giving NutriBullets the ability to liquefy foods that other devices would struggle to handle. That's what made the brand a favourite with smoothie-makers, and it continues to be the company's USP. Is NutriBullet a food processor? A hardened fan will often act indignantly, claiming that their devices are a world away from standard mixers.

There's not much evidence of that. But what NutriBullet products do is cut ingredients into smaller pieces than the competition. And that can make healthy foods easier to digest. But there's no magic here. Just a highly efficient way to cut food. Aside from the cutting mechanism, NutriBullet has plenty of other appealing features. For instance, the mixing vessel doubles up as a removable cup. And there are usually very few buttons to press. Just latch on the cup and the NutriBullet will fire up automatically.

Washing up is a doddle, too, and it all adds up to a user-friendly package that makes getting your daily smoothie fix much, much easier. While smoothies take centre stage when talking about the NutriBullet range, these devices actually have a few potential uses.

Here are just a few suggestions for NutriBullet Recipes:. Pasta Sauces — Blitz together some garlic, basil, high-quality tomatoes, olive oil , and a little balsamic vinegar, and you've got a healthy raw pasta sauce that is ready in seconds. Fruity Chilled Desserts — Mixing together frozen fruits which you can buy cheaply in bags from most supermarkets with a dab of yoghurt or cream produces a delicious chilled drink or dessert that's ideal for summer afternoons.

Thai Curry Pastes — Mix some green chillies, garlic, onion, kaffir leaves, ginger, galangal, coriander, and a bit of lemongrass to create pungent, and irresistible Thai pastes to mix with noodles or meat dishes. Peanut Butter — If you're tired of shop-bought peanut butter , why not make your own with a NutriBullet?

Just mix a few peanuts and a small amount of oil, whiz it all up, and you'll find that boutique butters are a few seconds away. Hopefully it's pretty evident that Nutri Bullets are versatile devices, and more useful than many people think. They can be used for anything from fitness shakes, sports nutrition and rejuvenating kale smoothies, to creamy Italian sauces, desserts, and breakfast pastes. So, what kind of NutriBullet deals should you be hunting for at hotukdeals? As we noted earlier in passing, the company has much more to offer than the classic model.

Since , numerous refinements have come along, and there are different models for different uses. Here are the major options you'll find in NutriBullet sale promotions in the UK:. Most models come with NutriBullet cups, the base unit, removable blades, and manuals to help users get started. Affordable and efficient, picking up a model will be an excellent idea for most smoothie fans, or those who want to whip up pasta sauces with minimal effort.

NutriBullet — Sporting a ificantly more powerful W motor, the NutriBullet model can handle the most robust vegetables, seeds, and nuts, breaking them down into tiny particles for effective absorption into the bloodstream. If you want instant refreshment and energy following 10km runs, checking out a current NutriBullet sale should be the first thing you do.

NutriBullet — Moving even further up the power and price scale, the series generates immense speed and cutting force, and comes with even larger cups. If you have a family to cater for, and want to whip up nutritious breakfast smoothies as quickly as possible, the will be the ideal model to choose. It also includes a one-touch Smart Tech mode, which automatically shuts off the NutriBullet when juicing is complete, a good energy and time saver. It's not as powerful as the , but is fine for making home-made orange juice , or mixing together kale, strawberries, and other healthy fruits.

The press and twist mechanism is straightforward to get used to, the cup is generously sized, and the price is almost always lower than more recent creations. Price-wise, this efficient food processor is about the same as a NutriBullet , but sports a W motor, as well as an in-built heating element. This makes it handy for creating thicker soups, while the oversized cup ensures that enough soup or stew can be made for smaller families. NutriBullet Balance — The most recent entrant into the NutriBullet collection, is also, predictably, the most technologically impressive.

The list above includes plenty of popular blenders, and NutriBullet has a huge fan base across the world. In , one NutriBullet was sold every 30 seconds during the UK's Christmas rush, and worldwide sales are in the tens of millions. So the company must be doing something right. But is it actually the best brand to choose? According to tech review site Wirecutter , yes.

However, that's not to say that other brands aren't worth checking out. In some cases, it's possible to purchase perfectly capable blenders for much less than the or For instance, Breville's Blend Active devices are slender, compact, and perfect for individuals who want smoothies to take on their daily runs. And at half the price of the Magic Bullet, they represent a superb value. Brands like Morphy Richards also offer slightly bulkier blenders that try to replicate the NutriBullet experience, and sometimes get pretty close. Even so, don't expect the speed and efficiency of a high-end NutriBullet.

They genuinely are a cut above the rest, at the moment. So, we have a reasonably good idea about what types of NutriBullet are available on the market right now, and we've been convinced by the NutriBullet brand. What now? How can buyers choose a model that matches their diets, fitness plans, and budgets exactly?

For starters, if the price is an issue, go for the Magic Bullet or the NutriBullet

Nutribullet best price uk

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