Online dating does he like you

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And short of asking him, you may want to run through the possibilities. Or maybe a friend has tipped you off—be wary there. Are they looking out for your well-being or are they trying to cause trouble? If you two have actually discussed and agreed to exclusive dating , him keeping his online dating profile up is a bad . Today, this week, last month? Trust your gut. Is there anything else going on in his life that gives you pause?

This one is tough, because if you confront him about the profile in any scenario, really he could take his real profile down but have another just for chatting undetected. Again, not okay but not the lowest of the low. It just means he takes things slowly and deliberately.

Some people take commitment very seriously. Maybe months, maybe even a year. But that requires you to tell him that you know, and to specifically tell him you want a committed relationship and for the profile to come down. Hard to believe that a guy would forget to do something, right?

Dudes are dudes. Plus, ironically, online dating sites are rarely happy to see you go, so they make deleting profiles a pain, often requiring logging in from a desktop to completely delete an app-based . This is about respecting your own needs and boundaries, and not sitting around trying to make other people happy while you get treated poorly. It really could just be something he forgot to do. You know your guy better than anyone else.

Online dating does he like you

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If He Likes Me, Why is He Still Online Dating?