Recover after divorce

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A constructive talk could include discussions as to whether your feelings are justified. Or why certain feelings are recurring despite the divorce being finished. It would be great if every friend you surround yourself with were able to listen intently, and fill you with positive reinforcement. The friends you need during a time like this are friends that see both sides of the coin. After all, these are quality friends. People will tell you that social media is bad. While this can all be true to some extent, there are many ways in which social media can be leveraged in a positive way.

One of the unarguable best uses for social media is the ability to reconnect with friends, both new and old. Whether differences arose in your lifestyles, hobbies, or personalities, or whether life simply got too busy; these old connections remain at your disposal. The connections you make with these people — be it online or in person — will help to reinvigorate you, motivate you. Perhaps your spouse is on social media. No one is going to use social media to share themselves in bed, depressed with a pint of ice cream.

Nothing good will materialize from watching their every move and allowing those feelings to fester inside of you. Assessing the good and bad from your marriage is a positive step in the right direction. A true reflection involves thoughts around what each of you could have done better. Evaluate how these two forces — both the good and the bad — played a role in the ultimate outcome of divorce.

It might help to explain why things turned South, and what you might have done to contribute to this if anything! In a perfect world, you would heal your hearts overnight, pick up the pieces quickly, and keep marching on.

This will allow you to pursue the rest of the ideas this list with an open heart and a clear mind. Where did you go wrong? How could you have approached things differently? If you think you did everything right, how could you have expressed yourself better? Could you have been a better listener? Dive deep in this exercise and use that information to reimagine who you want to be in future relationships. Get outside, go for a walk or a hike, go to the gym and just sit in the sauna. Whatever you choose, get off the couch and waken your body.

The sweat is great, but even better? The self accomplishment that comes with turning this into regular habit. Meditation is a long-game, which means the benefits begin to show as you continue on with the practice over months, years, or a lifetime. Take a minimum of 5 minutes per day to shut everything down and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing, and bring your mind back to your breathing if it starts to wander. Divorce is a great time to go back to your roots. Try some of the things that used to excite you and that used to motivate you.

See if something you try sparks a joy that you forgot you had. You have no idea how one small decision like pursuing an old hobby can change the course of your future. Caution: Jealousy, anger, and worrying are NOT considered old hobbies worth pursuing.

Some songs can bring back old memories and remind you of the good times as a precaution, stay away from those songs stimulate sadness. Other songs can literally turn a bad day into a good day. Simple mundane tasks such as driving and walking can be enhanced by turning on your favorite tunes along the way! Some may not be comfortable with the concept of online dating, or you might only be comfortable behind a keyboard.

There are good men and women to be found on online dating sites. Many happy relationships and marriages have spawned from these platforms. Set up a profile and write some good things about yourself. Put up one of your favorite pics — and see what happens. We talked about leaning on family and friends as a support system during this difficult time. Professional help is a great way to take things to the next level.

Go into these meetings with an agenda in mind. More importantly, go in with an open mind. Make notes about the things that are on your mind. With online counseling apps like BetterHelp , you can choose from thousands of d therapists at affordable rates. Get the support you need whenever and wherever you want with weekly live sessions by phone or video and unlimited messaging.

The recovery process requires that you rid your life of bad habits and replace them with good ones. You might find yourself eager to contact your ex in the months or years following your divorce. You might want to tell them about certain events happening in your life. You might be tempted to reach out with questions in an effort to keep the dialogue going. Putting these thoughts on paper helps to get things out in front of you. Think about what would make today a great day, and write that down too.

At the end of the day, reflect on how it went. Jot down a few things that went really well. Also, think about anything that you could have done differently that would have made the day even better. Maybe there are old framed photos around the house. Maybe there is that one piece of art that your spouse really wanted for the living room.

Even subconsciously, being surrounded by items accumulated during the marriage could bring back painful memories. By all means, if you are diagnosed with a particular condition for which a medical professional advises treatment in the form of medication — take their advice. We do advise, however, that any medication you use is done so under the supervision of a medical professional.

Research also shows that nature itself can help to eliminate or reduce hypertension. Hypertension is associated with abnormally high blood pressure. Most importantly, your overall mood and vitality is going to be enhanced as a result of your exposure to natures beauty. It can be a place as simple as your local park.

Go out for a walk, breathe the fresh air and appreciate how amazing nature truly is. We often take the small things like this for granted. Be conscious of what you put into your body. Food and nourishment has a direct affect on your emotions. The healthier you eat, the healthier you will look and therefore the healthier you will feel. If you feel good, your confidence will kick into overdrive and your days will be more enjoyable. But is that the best way to go about this new relationship? Especially if there are kids involved, you owe it to the family to be smart and practical in your approach to dating after divorce.

Retail therapy is simple: it is the act of shopping in order to make one feel better. If you want to buy yourself a new purse or a new outfit to bolster your confidence and enjoy a night out, then by all means go for it. To take it a step a further, spending money recklessly is NEVER advised, especially at the expense of other important bills in your life such as the mortgage, credit cards, taxes, etc.

You simply cannot live your life in regret. You cannot live a fulfilling life by constantly feeding your mind with negative self-talk. Whether you consider yourself at-fault for the divorce or not, you need to forgive yourself for everything that took place. That kind of reflection is necessary for moving on.

Forgive yourself for what you did, or forgive yourself for accepting the way you live for as long as you did. Forgive yourself for the way you or your spouse may have made your kids feel. Most couples spend the bulk of their divorce settlement fighting over the family home. By nature, both spouses may have emotional ties to this property. Neither spouse wants to completely uproot their life by relocating and starting over in a new or unfamiliar place. On the flip side, this house probably elicits tons of memories from your marriage both good and bad.

These memories can fester as long as you remain in the house. This might be a short sighted approach. Perhaps every year you and your spouse took the kids up to the lake for a summer vacation. Maybe Sunday nights you and your spouse took the kids for ice cream at the local creamery.

What you might not realize is that these traditions are less about the activity, and more about being with you. Talk to your kids about the things they really enjoy, and incorporate some new traditions into your life. For example, maybe they never even liked that creamery, and instead always preferred to local candy shop.

These traditions will quickly become their new norm. It simply means that you respect their desire to learn and understand things. The reciprocal effect is a benefit to you as you figure out how to provide sound, practical answers to their questions. The income you had to support one household now needs to support two households. The math is not rocket science. In other words, find the services, products etc.

Build from there. That professional may still be consulting with your spouse following the divorce. They are simply doing their job. This leaves the door too wide open for conflict of interest. Find an advisor that you trust that has your best interest in mind, vet them properly, and make the plunge. Emotional recovery is not something you can force.

It begins to take shape over time as you personally assess, accept, and learn from the failings of your marriage. Patience is the ability to trust the process and take small steps in a positive direction that accumulate over time, similar to the concept of developing good habits.

I worry. Fear is a real enemy. Finances, a difficult decision, a conflict with a partner, a challenge in my work scenario… these situations matter. I know You are not asking me to deny reality here. But whatever my case, imagined or real, I turn the worry portion of this situation back to You, here and now.

Settle my stress. Calm my anxiety and the agitation in my body. I see myself handing this entire matter into Your strong and good hand. When it comes to helping others in their divorce, understand that you are in a uniquely qualified position to assist them. Selflessly helping others navigate a troubling event specifically divorce can have a ripple effect on your recovery as well.

Your brain is a muscle just like all the others muscles in your body, although much more powerful. Your brain needs exercise and stimulation to perform at optimal levels. Read things about areas in life in which you want to improve, such as job responsibilities. Do it often, daily if you can. Make it a habit, and your brain functions will flourish as a result. Go see your family doctor or general medicine practitioner for a routine check up. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Recover after divorce

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