Sex on your lunch break

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In these WFH times, experts say a midday quickie can actually boost focus and productivity while lowering stress levels. It's no secret that working from home is taking its toll. We're feeling sluggish and overwhelmed, and, in many cases, trying not to lose our shit at our partners while trapped in a small space. But some have found a new method of busting stress and boosting pleasure during these times: Workday sex breaks. She says she's been enjoying sex one to two times a day with her live-in partner to break up the workday since COVID hit.

Kate, 27, who lives in Indianapolis and runs a sex toy and advice website with her husband, has workday sex once a week with hubby and once a week by herself. Sex during the workday can also be a solution to end-of-the-day exhaustion that sucks some of the fun out of it. Fatima T. Workday sexcapades are not an anomaly. In fact, even before COVID hit, roughly one out of every five work-from-homers were dipping into lunchbreak sex. More later on why that's not the greatest idea.

Goerlich is also seeing frustrations from people who had to sever their in-office affairs when work-from-home became the norm. Ro Sanchez, 45, an intimacy coach based in Ohio, engages in sexual activities during the workday daily virtually via chat, sexting, and videos. If you are going to engage, just be sure to plan scheduled breaks. She also recommends some common-sense guidelines to live by if you are engaging in workday shenanigans to mitigate the potential risk of getting caught with your pants down.

Bottom line: Better safe than sorry seems to be the mantra when it comes to safe workday sex practices. Your breaktime is your time. You can spend 20 minutes masturbating or you can spend 20 minutes scrolling through Instagram. There really is no difference. Besides, I'd argue scrolling through Instagram is mental masturbation. Lanae St. Sex is a much healthier habit than smoking. All the employer really cares about is that customers are taken care of professionally and tasks are done on time.

While not without some risks, it seems a slice of workday sex — either with a partner or yourself — could bring more good than harm. By Allison Hope Aug 13, pm. Save Pin FB More. Sex quarantine home work. Credit: Getty Images. By Allison Hope. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Sex on your lunch break

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Are Sex Breaks the New Lunch Break?