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There are a ton of new skins, a new Battle Pass, new event, and lo more! This system is a new type of dynamic tutorial and works along with actual SMITE gameplay instead of forcing you through a step by step process. We will work throughout the year to continually update the starts and routes this system shows players. In addition to the new Conquest Role Guides, we want to make our current new player features better, and draw more attention to the optional ones.

Help Tips are on by default for new players, but they were outdated and far too large. A group of other UI changes have been made to make our current new player features more discoverable. It is simultaneously true that healers in SMITE statistically perform very well across all levels of play but in individual matches healers can feel helpless fighting against Anti-heal.

There are also players who feel their most recent fight can become completely negated by the enemy stepping back for a short time and healing back to full. All these moments can create negative experiences for all players so we want to approach this and make it a better experience for everyone involved. To accomplish this we are introducing a new global aura in all maps that reduces healing done by abilities and lifesteal.

This aura will apply to all players who have not dealt damage or Crowd Control or been dealt damage or Crowd Control to an enemy god. Conflicts that occur will now have more meaningful outcomes. We do think at the same time that healing while directly fighting feels more fair to fight against but has the very high variability of being shut out. We are toning down the effect and duration of all Anti-heal items. In short with these changes we hope healing in SMITE will feel better to use as a direct combat strength while we can bring down the frustration cases on both sides that can occur when healing feels too strong.

This change affects quite a lot so we are eager for everyone to get their hands on it and provide feedback on our goals and how well we have met them. With that said, Starter Items are returning! These are cheap items that provide full Passives tuned to Level 1. Each role has roughly three that will serve as a solid choice for more traditional starts, but at no point are any of these Starter Items class restricted. Want to take a bruiser starter to the mid lane?

Go ahead and try it out! Similar to Blessings only one Starter Item can be purchased each game and leaving the fountain will lock you into that Starter so choose carefully. These Starters have even more to offer as the game advances.

Each Starter will have 2 upgrades that become purchasable at later levels. In general most Starters will have one upgrade that simply boosts it stats and passive strength to be desirable at level However the other upgrade often twists the item on its head, giving players new build opportunities and strategies.

Since players can only have one Starter and these upgrades require late game levels, their strength is generally higher than your average Tier 3 choice. For example : Bluestone Pendant is back, providing passive regeneration in addition to offensive bonus damage when hitting abilities. At level 20 this can be upgraded to Bluestone Brooch, amping up all of its stats and allowing the bonus damage to deal damage based on the enemies current health. Alternatively you can purchase Corrupted Bluestone. Which gods rely on early ability damage but want to transition into a Basic Attack focused build late game?

Which gods might struggle to use Bluestone Pendant well but really want Corrupted Bluestone late? Starters offer these choices that impact your entire gameplan. We are adding a grand total of 16 Starter Items with 2 upgrades a piece! This means there will now be 48 new items to learn and play with. Given the large breadth of items we are providing two lists. A quick glance at each starter and short text describing what it does and a long form list with gold costs, stats, and specific values. Gilded Arrow allows skilled last hitters to really show their stuff. What it lacks in sustain it makes up for in long term farm and immediate offense.

Diamond Arrow removes the need for a target, providing near constant income while Ornate Arrow encourages you to hoard your treasure for a large offensive boost. Leather Cowl provides early rotation capabilities, providing speed to get to fights and attack speed to help you win fights. The familiar Bluestone returns! This item excels at gods who can poke and need some additional help clearing. Bluestone Brooch turns the damage over time up to Corrupted Bluestone throws away the poke playstyle, encouraging you to mix it up with a large conditional attack speed stim.

Really want to survive against a Magical Bruiser? Warding Sigil provides high defense when you are actively fighting your opponent. Sigil of the Old Guard turns you into a wall for your team while Infused Sigil turns you into a bomb for your team. Either way you will want to dive into a fight head first. Vampiric Shroud is another familiar face. Need sustain for the early game? Vampiric Shroud has you covered, literally. Blood-soaked Shroud provides potentially infinite lifesteal while Sacrificial Shroud allows you to heavily burst if you are willing a large amount of health with each cast.

Sands of Time returns, allowing you to cast often and providing the mana to do so. Pendulum of Ages rewards you for staying high on Mana with a large amount of Power while The Alternate Timeline distorts space-time, providing you with an extra chance to live.

Conduit Gem is for the mages who want to fight early. The bonus damage allows for deadly bursts or simply to help clear your wave. Eye of the Jungle allows you to maintain control of the jungle, giving you sight anywhere you slay a jungle monster. Seer of the Jungle takes this a step further, giving you the unique ability to sweep for wards at any time.

If fighting is more your taste, Protector of the Jungle makes you a major threat while fighting on your home turf, the Jungle! If you have been around for a while few things strike fear into your heart more than Manikin Scepter. ly only on a single PTS Manikin Scepter returns; just with more reasonable values and effects.

Use the burn to melt through jungle monsters and provide and extra kick to your ganks. Manikin Mace turns up all of these effects while Manikin Hidden Blade allows the assassin to truly lurk from the shadows and wait for their time to strike for devastating effect. Health and Mana to trade effectively and gold to keep up with your team. Skilled Supports can position themselves to provide protection to everyone or just the individual who needs it most. For supports who want to roam to provide assistance across the map, Benevolence not only rewards you even when not in lane but directly can empower you allies.

Compassion will make your whole team want to be near you as you take damage for them. Animosity however is for those with a more offensive game plan in mind. Turn your health into an offensive force and tear down your opponents structures. War Flag is an old arena favorite but has strong uses for aggressive support. Empower your ally and fight together with a strong stim in between each minion wave. With a War Banner your team will be moving and attacking fast; while Spartan Flag will allow them to hit hard while standing near its placement.

Last but not least, Tainted Steel. If Healing is something you want to reduce from the start this is the starter for you. Tainted Breastplate is a new and late game Anti-heal item while Tainted Amulet turns a healers strength around and allows you to benefit from it. Elixir of Power and Defense are late game options for players looking for that final push to close out a game. Defense struggled to feel worth the gold cost.

Some bonus penetration, damage mitigation, and CCR will help these items stand out in more situations. Shield of Thorns has polarized many players. We are decreasing how much damage this can reflect, lowering its impact when used to its maximum effect. Witchblade, Winged Blade, and Relic Dagger are being adjusted to form a stronger tank tree overall.

Smite matchmaking feedback

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