Songs about a married woman loving another man

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Cheating is not the most pleasant topic to think about, but if you have been on either side of the cheating equation, you are certainly understood here. Your supportive peers may help if you are struggling in the aftermath of such a cheating incident. You may also find solace — and even some humor — by listening to these songs about cheating and being cheated on. Feeling guilty? Let it out anonymously. We had to include it because it is absolutely gorgeous, and for its unique narration that jumps between the perspectives of the different people involved.

However, she seems to realize that is never going to happen. The Wedding Present are a Brit pop band from Leeds with a knack for mixing sentimental feelings and killer guitar riffs. This song, about women cheating on their partners to get revenge after they had been cheated on, has a controversial backstory. You may not know this song, which singer Mary MacGregor released in , but it is more than worth a listen.

It is a mournful, honest apology from a cheater to her spurned partner. Fleetwood Mac is an iconic band, as well-known for the tumultuous love lives of their members as they are for the music those affairs inspired. To keep her husband and fellow band member John McVie in the dark, she told him it was written about their dog.

The video even ends with him jumping off of an overpass onto a semi-truck to avoid her gang of leather-clad assassins! Now the narrator sits with her regret and hopes her partner will come back. While it may not be the most elegant song about cheating, this mid s hit is sure to warm our inner scene-kid hearts. The video, which depicts a circus wedding gone berserk, climaxes with the groom catching his bride kissing someone outside. Vent about what happened , to understanding peers.

This infectious tune from is bound to get stuck in your head. RnB queen Ashanti shows off her impressive voice in this powerful song about finding out your boyfriend has been cheating. In the bop, Lennon Stella sings about a difficult position: being hurt by someone but still mourning the relationship.

Country legend Hank Williams originally wrote and recording this song shortly before his death in Rumors swirled about whether or not her husband Jay-Z really was unfaithful and how much of the album was true to their lives. Chat Now ». Songs About Cheating Chat Now.

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Songs about a married woman loving another man

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31 Songs About Cheating and Being Cheated On