Stories about dogging

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Dogging Dogging: A British English slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public location The original definition of dogging—and which is still a closely related activity—is spying on couples having sex in a car or other public places. Ed and I spent our summers at our Cape Cod home. After a month, we realized that life had become so Dogging: A British English slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public location Elizabeth After being back to our Wellfleet home for a month or so, Ken and I realized that we missed our e This story is based on facts and spiced with fiction.

Many thanks to Angel Love for the editing. It had been a long time fantasy for my wife, Anna and I. I love watching her getting fucked, and she loves having some stranger use her for his personal gratification, especially outdoors. So dogging was something we were bound to experience. For months we had read dogging stories and watched several internet movies of dirty wives and girlfriends turning up Has the world turned upside down or what?

Welcome to "where do we go from here? I have my ladies' club that I look forward to every month. Playing with other women has been fun and educational. Are we now going to give up on our pleasurable hobby? No way, we just have The next day we woke and went sightseeing. It was a sunny day and we had a great time holding hands, laughing at the tourist, kissing and just enjoying each other. We took a cruise boat up the Thames to the Tower of London then to Greenwich.

I saw so many wonderful things and loved seeing the Crown Jewels. By the time we got back to Myles place, I just had t We have come a long way from our initial endeavor and had a good time along the way. We both feel that sexual situations will be a permanent part of our recreational life but limits must be imposed for sound health and safety reasons. Public visual experiences will be the basis. I get very turned on when people watch me perform. Where it goes from there wi Social Distancing Wow! Hello again. Welcome to Chapter Nine and "where do we go from here?

Are we now going to give up on our pleasur Elizabeth Welcome to the blog of Elizabeth and Ken Chapter 6. I get very turn The walk through the woods was longer than expected and, by the time Mark and Sandy got back to the small car park, dusk was turning to darkness. As Sandy was about to get into the car she turned and looked across the car park to the only other car there.

It was parked in the far corner, partially hidden by trees. SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Dogging Stories . Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Dogging by Earningway on Jan 27,

Stories about dogging

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Dogging Stories