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NOTE: Links are listed in alphabetical order by name of the group, not city or specific location. For best , look through the entire list, especially as group names often include abbreviations or other methods obscuring their placement. Alternative Lifestyle Support for Seattle Parents, FetLife , verified Mar For kinky parents in the Seattle area to be able to talk about how it effects our kids, the unique challenges we face, and hopefully to find like minded individuals to share and help each other out. Founded for educational purposes, Remain a primarily education oriented group although we also host and organize a of social events as well.

Ascension, FetLife , verified Mar For year old sex positive young adults in Seattle area. Meets for fun, conversation, and miscellaneous naughtyness. Meeting intent: To provide a safe, affirming, and fun practice space, to share resources in this sometimes difficult-to-break-into kink, and to have queer community within the rope community. Open to ageplayers of all kinds, whether you are a big, little, middle, or curious. Bellingham Area Rope Enthusiasts, FetLife , reviewed Mar For tops, bottoms, switches, and self-riggers to meet, share ideas, and discuss concerns related to rope bondage, whether you are new to rope or an experienced player.

Goal: Create a safe and inclusive environment that provides learning opportunities, active community, and open exploration of consensual gratification. To create a safe friendly environment for people to come learn and play. To help inspire people to create new groups. Serves, supports sexual minorities communities through fund-raising and other events. Run by Queers, for Queers and those who play with them. Its based on meeting, learning, discussing and just having fun.

We invite All of the munch groups and other groups etcetera to post for their munches and events here. Encourages exploration and celebration of human sexuality. Through variety of events, created by and for its membership, seeks to educate, to facilitate consensual open sexual expression and dialog, and provide a venue for fellowship and community. Fundraiser for the Center for Sex Positive Culture , reviewed May The Indiegogo is closed, but opportunities to donate are noted on the .

Donate to the Center for Sex Positive Culture. Central Washington Ethical Non Monogamy Discussion Group, FetLife , verified Mar A place to meet and discuss ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, swinging, and everything in between with local people. Kinksters, FetLife , verified Mar For those seeking to meet others and for those wishing to sell or buy items. Restricted to: Dominant females and submissive or slave males. Provides SAFE play events open to all, regardless of where on the sexual continuum, their lifestyle, gender, or relationship status.

Inspired by the Greek spirit of vice, Kakia. Woman-owned, woman-run lifestyle club located in the Seattle area. Sex positive adult playspace. For kinky folk to come together and express their pleasures. Through this group we can better arrange times when we can plan to have a large of LGBTQ members at the same party, discuss queer issues in regards to the club, and attempt in a positive manner to increase the queer presence at the CSPC.

Munches, parties, and other events continue, even though CSPC is closed. Networking group for active members. This discussion group is not owned or operated by the governing bodies of the CSPC in any way. Membership in the CSPC is highly encouraged. I pledge a hands off approach to this group. All ages welcome. Culture Loving Kinksters of Seattle, FetLife , added May For kinksters who have a love or appreciation for culture and wish to share or learn with others kinksters about it.

Its highlight is Seattle, but also includes all areas of the PNW. And do you live on the West Coast? Want to discuss or find local kinky friends to play video games or tabletop games with? Will be hosting Gamer Munches in Washington State when gaining enough membership to fill some seats. The Domina Society of Washington, FetLife , verified Mar a new Female led organization that fosters Domme and sub relationships, while understanding and supporting women with various interest and orientations. Like a seedling, we are very new and growing, but with patience and time we will flourish.

To bring together those of us who want to glean off one another sharing ideas, thoughts, etiquette boundaries and much more. Intended for open discussion. Non-fetish attire. Purpose: Discussion of Erotic Hypnosis. Everett C. For networking, education, and open exploration through panels, open discussions and in person group meetings and events. Everett crafty kinksters, FetLife , verified Mar For kinksters in the Everett area to discuss crafting projects, trade materials, and ask questions about different techniques relating to crafting, kinky or otherwise.

Public; all welcome. Great way to meet people in a casual setting, for novice and experienced players to share knowledge and ideas. Event is semi-formal to formal. Everett Personal , FetLife , verified Mar For those who wish to meet up with other kinky folks in the area. Everett Poly, FetLife , verified Mar Goals: Forum and safe environment for like minded people to meet and talk; Regular and safe meet and greet event at a family friendly location; Open and frank discussion; Bulletin board for poly and poly friendly fetish events.

Monthly munches in Kennewick and other private group events. Where fun meets the lifestyle. Enjoy participating in discussions along with exploring the Lifestyle with real Lifestylers. Membership is not required to attend Foundation events. Feel free to hang out with us, go take care of your Friday night desires or meet up with some like minded individuals to have a night on the town.

Bring a game to play, play a game here, or just come to watch the games. Safe place for us to converse with each other and discuss guy stuff, whatever you think that is. Place without drama. For us to encourage each other to become better men. Wide open spaces, clean air and lots of room. In Irons! Inland Northwest Kinky Craft Cart, FetLife , verified Mar For kinky crafters to exchange ideas, advice and materials; for crafters to offer items or custom crafting services for sale; for those looking for kinky crafts or custom made crafts to connect with local crafts people.

Interracial Sex in Washington, FetLife , verified Mar For people who are into interracial encounters, and just want to have fun without drama. Karaoke Kinksters of the Puget Sound, FetLife , verified Mar For all the aspiring singers, or at least the karaoke crowd, of the Puget Sound area, all are welcome, as of right now we do karaoke every other Thursday, but if you want to set up your own night to go out and sing, feel free! Kinky and Classy on a budget PDX , FetLife , verified Mar For women or woman identifiers to share their tips, tricks, shops and brands they swear by to keep up a classy and or kinky life in the pacific northwest.

Share your favorites, tell us what sucks and why or tell us your top secret tips for looking sexy, slutty, classy, or otherwise. Kinky motorcycle riders — Puget Sound area, FetLife , verified Mar For like-minded riders to chat and coordinate. Kinky Tacoma Couples. Kinky Vacations, FetLife , verified Mar Dedicated to putting together group vacations to various locations around the US both kink and non kink, for WA residents. Private membership organization. Local play space.

Discussions are open to just about anything. A place to learn, to share, and enjoy each others company. Kitsap Leather Alliance, FetLife , reviewed Jul Formed to be a safe place for those that want to meet not just online but also in real time. Kitsap Poly, Yahoo , verified Mar Discussions include any accepted form of committed relationships and are open to all open-minded people regardless of relationship type, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, philosophy, gender, ethnicity, or physical stature.

Kitsap TNG The Next generation , FetLife , verified Mar Kitsap peninsula based group for forward thinking open minded kinksters to have discussions and arrange for gatherings. Kitsap Topic Social, FetLife , reviewed Jul Purpose: To learn from those that have the experience with the different aspects of the lifestyle.

Forum to ask, learn and share knowledge. Leather Reign , verified Mar Leather Reign — Seattle, WA, FetLife , verified Mar We will use this space to provide updates and announcements, and we welcome your questions and discussions! Purpose: To provide a safe and relaxing enviroment for bigs and littles to share a meal and socialize for a few hours at a nice restaurant and then go off on an adventure and have fun! MAsT Marysville WA, FetLife , verified Mar Opportunity for Masters and slaves to meet together for discussion and support for those in all forms of power exchange relationships.

Welcomes both monogomous and poly house holds as well as those interested in power exchange relationships. Need not be in a relationship to attend. Meet In The Middle, FetLife , verified Mar Like minded people gathering for a 3 day weekend, camping, spanking and sharing their talents and skills with others. Snohomish, Skagit, and Watcom counties. Northwest BBWs, FetLife , verified Mar Chat about what it is like locally to find fetish clothes that fit us here in the Great Northwest, as well as any other issues that come up in our lives.

This would also be a good place for those who enjoy the company of BBWs to come in and get to know local women. For events, friendship and the quest to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Group of people in the northwest that would enjoy geeky events without having to tone down there kink…. Oly Lunch Munch Group, FetLife , verified Mar Deed for those who live a nocturnal lifestyle or find it easier to meet midday because the little ones are away.

Olympia area kinksters and munch group, FetLife , verified Mar Meets monthly. Olympia Kinky and Geeky, FetLife , reviewed Sep For the geeky and kinky to post about various geeky interests and network with other Olympian geeksters. For connecting with other FtMs and also those who like to play with, date or love them. Open to anyone with a power dynamic relationship; includes couples, tri, and families who have a power dynamic.

For individuals looking for anything from a one-time play or demo partner to a full-time life mate. Intention: Connecting Dominant women both Pro and Lifestyle for events and general networking- to inspire individual empowerment, get to know each other, and strengthen the larger local FemDom community. Pacific Northwest Switches, FetLife , verified Mar To be able to converse, mingle, set up munches and events for switches or for anyone who is curious about switching with another.

Restricted to: Switches or Switch Curious. Pacific North-West Whip Crackers, FetLife , verified Mar Anything and everything dealing with the use, care, history, interest, play and knowledge around Whips. Kinky, poly, straight, gay, or just curious. And geeky! End goal: To start a local sex-positive community and hold munches and other in-person events.

PDX Submissive Men, FetLife , verified Mar Strives to create a supportive, safe environment where submissive-minded men can openly discuss their submissive struggles, learn from each others experiences, form brotherly bonds with each other, converse, and encourage one another. To foster conversation and socialization among local women. Greater Portland-Vancouver, WA. Studio and Play Space. Invitation Only. Announce new events and let us know about new and existing real life groups in the area.

Interested in erotic hypnosis, NLP, mind control, conditioning, trance, or related subjects? Open for anything under the scope of FetLife. Do you garden?

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