Thai slang dictionary

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To speak like a Thai, knowing some fun Thai slang not only makes you enjoy the conversation but it might also impress local people you are talking to as well. Here is a collection of fun Thai slang videos I created. Hope you learn something new and find it enjoyable. You can click the name of each video to read full dialogue of the lesson and see further explanation 1. The committee of the royal institute are compiling new words, slang and expression currently in use, ostensibly for the benefit of later generations, who may be confused by the wacky slang of today's popular media like my mom lol.

It denpends on what you are asking for. Sawatdee ka, I was at my parent's home with my younger brother and sister , so I asked them to make a Thai lesson video together. You will learn a few fun Thai slang commonly used in everyday life in this video. I hope you enjoy the lesson. Mink is so late. When is he coming? Look at this funny face of this cat.

I can't stop laughing. I think he might ate too fast. Sawatdee ka, I went to Lumpini park today and spotted this reptile. Many Thai people have a superstiton that if you see this animal, bad luck will come to you. I remember when I was a kid and there were few of these reptiles in my school's pond. Whenever my friends and I saw it we would scream and ran away because we didn't want to have a bad luck. I don't have such a … [ Sawatdee ka, Let's learn a common used Thai slang.

Sawatdee ka, Please don't be frighten to see me teaching you this expression. It is not that I got aggressive all of the sudden LOL. I write this lesson to answer a question I got from a YouTube viewer. Thai Slang.

Thai slang dictionary

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