Top 10 romantic christmas movies

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The Christmas season is upon us and that means a slew of films that we have to watch. It can be fun to go out on the weekend, but sometimes it is nice to stay in and relax under the covers. A romantic Christmas film is the thing you need to make any night perfect during this festive season. They are filled with good cheer, gripping storylines, and the hope that true love does exist. These are great for any movie marathon, or even as a way to end a long day.

Keep reading to learn about the 10 best romantic Christmas movies perfect for a night in! This is a heartfelt romantic story about a woman who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and only given a few weeks to live. She sells everything she owns and lives it up in a hotel where honesty becomes her best policy. It is fairly comedic at times with several overdone tropes, but as a whole, it is a great way to spend an evening at home.

You can't go wrong with actors like Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and Timothy Hutton who manage to spin this comedy into a romantic evening you will never forget. This movie stars a man named Jack Campbell who is a wealthy businessman and has devoted his life to the job. This Christmas turns out a bit different as he learns there is more to life than just work. He wakes on Christmas day to find himself the father to children and a husband of 13 years. This character learns to love this new life and it transforms him once he he back to his old one.

This romantic comedy is the perfect way to spend an evening in, whether it be by yourself or with a few others. The main character describes the perfect boyfriend to her family, but when they tell her to bring him along for the holidays, she panics after he breaks up with her on Christmas Eve. She kidnaps another man at gunpoint and takes him with her on holiday, all while doing everything in her power to convince her family he is Nick. A love story ensues throughout the chaos as actors like Melissa Joan Hart, Mario Lopez, and so many more play their roles perfectly. This movie shows the transformation of a couple over the holidays who turn from the Christmas Scrooge, into a loving family.

They originally planned on leaving, like they do every year, for a distant destination over the holidays, but their flight is canceled. Their family learns after it is aired on live television and they are forced to visit their family for the holidays. The two learn the importance and value of marriage and children, as well as some fun secrets about their past. If you are more into classic Christmas tales, then this is the film you should watch this holiday season. It starts back in World War II as two performers send a farewell to their commanding officer, before sending us forward in time to their bigshot careers in the entertainment industry.

They meet a couple of girls, help out their old commander, and reunite their entire division. This movie follows the Christmas love stories of several individuals throughout the holiday season. You see a rock legend, a proclamation of love at a wedding, deception, poor choices, and so much more. Viewers will connect with some more than others, but it reveals the numerous trials that happen during this season.

A month later they all learn to love what they have and it is an inspirational romanticism that will mend any broken heart. This is a necessity for the season that every Christmas fanatic has to watch. The great thing about this film is that there are three movies in this romantic Christmas series. It all begins when a reporter tries to uncover some dirt on the playboy prince. She goes in undercover as a tutor and ends up forming a relationship with the man she is supposed to destroy.

The next movies discuss the wedding and the birth of their first child, and they are all featured around a holiday atmosphere. A few of the actors who play the key roles include Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, and Alice Krige, and it is a perfect way to spend a night in this holiday season.

This story is about a privileged young woman named Crystal who has to find a way to prove her worth after her parents threaten to close all of her credit card s. She has until Christmas to change, and she decides to work at a soup kitchen after finding a letter to Santa. The little girl who wrote it asked for someone to marry her widowed father, the owner of the kitchen, and Crystal decides to try and win his heart.

If you were looking for a Christmas film with an all-star cast and a romantic theme, then this is the movie for you. This movie involves two women whose boyfriends end up cheating on them over the holidays, so they decide to enter a home-swap program. One of the women he to Los Angeles and the other goes to London, where they both meet the men of their dreams.

There are some complications along the way, but it is what draws viewers into the story. This movie was just released this year, and it is a classic Cinderella retelling with a focus on the Christmas season. It is a modern retelling of the classic with an aspiring singer-songwriter, a forbidden Christmas gala, and a handsome Santa. This film features actors like Laura Marano, Gregg Sulkin, and Isabella Gomez who will give viewers the romantic movie they didn't know they were missing.

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Top 10 romantic christmas movies

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35 Romantic Christmas Movies to Get You in the Holiday Spirit (And Give You All the Feels)