Vegan cape coral

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A vegan eggplant and veggie dish from Loving Hut. The Feb. One of the planners for the event for LSHP, Mary Ann Parsons, said the event was started in part to help small local restaurants survive the pandemic. The all-volunteer-based group is dedicated to the health and wellness benefits of a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. Their mission is to promote optimal health for all, using the cornerstones of lifestyle medicine, exhibiting compassion for animals and helping curb climate change. There will be three participating restaurants from Cape Coral.

Some dishes include the soup of the day served with a house-made crostini, various types of avocado smash on chef-made sourdough toast, the bowl of health, hummus and pita chips, baked butternut salad, Asian slaw bowl, korma bowl, Spanish chickpea bowl and homemade cakes. It consists of chickpeas, kale and sweet potatoes.

We get couples who are both able to find something on the menu. A lot of my customers eat a vegan diet and they benefit from it and they come back. There will be a barbeque pulled jackfruit sandwich with coleslaw on top served on a soft crystal bun as well as a coffee cocoa smoothie. If you eat meat and dairy, you feel sluggish.

For more information about Vegan Restaurant Week, visit www. When: Monday through Saturday, a. When: Monday through Saturday, 9 a. When: Monday through Friday, a.

Vegan cape coral

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