Want to get spanked tonight bad girl

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. It was Friday on a gorgeous day. The week was finally over! Our son was sleeping over a friend's house so I was anxious to get home. The commute is about an hour so I was pleased when traffic was moving right along.

You will find that when you have a long commute and you have the windows down and the radio on, that your mind begins to drift. Mine certainly did on this fine afternoon. I turned the radio down and rolled the windows up so that I could hear her while I was on my cell phone. Am I that easy to read? I could actually hear her heart race in the phone. Now she is toying with me. She wants me to spell it out for her.

It was becoming a little obvious that she wanted to play as well. I expect to find you tied to the bed. The only thing you should be wearing is a blindfold. And you had better be ready if you know what I mean. There she goes again with the toying. I pulled my car into the driveway with a raging hard-on, almost exactly 20 minutes later like I told her on the phone. The anticipation ate at me as I wondered if she indeed is lying on our bed awaiting my arrival like instructed.

Listening carefully I heard nothing to give away her location so I simply continued toward the bedroom. Each step brought me closer and closer to my evening of fun! As I approached, the darkness told me that the blinds were closed and the flicker of a candle or two glowed from the bedroom door.

There she was! My absolutely beautiful wife was on our bed awaiting my arrival from work. I know my opinion is biased, but she is a sexy, stunning, petite Italian. Blonde hair, hazel eyes, 36B or C depending , a tiny waist, a cute little ass, and only 5 feet tall. She had on a sheer little nightie that showed her assets. The light from the candle flowed over her and I felt like I was looking at a picture from a magazine. The red nightie on her olive skin was like candy to my eyes. Shadows cast in all the right spots and a glow around her made the picture come to life.

I also asked you to be ready. Have you done anything yet? Was I a bad girl for not listening? I immediately knew where this was going, and more importantly, knew where SHE wanted it to go. She wanted to play the bad girl, but look like the adorable wife who simply wanted a romantic evening putting the ball into my court so-to-speak.

The grin was what gave her away. Man how I love her! Stopping her mid sentence, "Never mind 'I just anything'. I gave you some simple instructions and you chose not to follow them. I also warned you about what would happen if you did not listen.

Now get up and go stand at the end of the bed while I get undressed. She slowly slid off and walked to end of the bed. Knowing exactly what to do, she simply bent forward placing her hands on the mattress. You see, my wife and I enjoy some light bondage.

We do the occasional spanking here or there, a blindfold now and again, and even a necktie or two for some restraint. There is nothing complicated, sophisticated or even remotely physically abusive about it. We like to walk the thin line, the tight border between a little bit of pain and some very enjoyable pleasure. I would never want to hurt her. A nice rosy ass - yes. Hurt her. I was taking my time as she stood there bent over at the end of the bed, arms out in front, legs spread.

I was lost drinking in the sweet sight of her. Men are such visual creatures aren't we? Not really thinking it through ahead of time, I had to decide what to do. Should I begin with a spanking? Should I just take her right now, right there, as she leaned over invitingly? My raging hard-on was beginning to think for me and I didn't want that to happen or it would be over before it got started! Never really taking it far before, I decided to see how much she actually enjoyed being the submissive. A little experiment if you may. I was fully nude now as I approached.

She looked back at me with a smile and I couldn't help but smile back. How dominating of me was that?! This was all in good fun anyway. Actually, the best kind of fun. I pulled her tiny little red panties down as a sigh escaped her lips. I rubbed her cute little ass cheek with my hand. Rubbing first one, and then the other.

It landed square in the middle of her left cheek. She pulled away for an instant but immediately returned pushing back against my hand as I rubbed some more. That one to her right cheek. Again a soft rub. Her hips were moving slowly side to side encouraging my rubbing. I dipped my hand down between her cheeks toward her womanhood. The heat coming from between her legs was intense. I slowly rubbed up and down her slit testing her dampness.

She pressed back against my hand and I could feel that she was indeed aroused. My finger slipped easily into her. One for each cheek. She was now moving her hips side to side much quicker and pushing back in rhythm as my finger slowly went in and out. She whined as I pulled my finger completely from her. I walked over to the night stand and opened the 'toy box. I thought, "With her bent over like that, these should work just fine. When I returned to the end of the bed, I noticed that her breathing had increased.

I was surprised to see her top already pulled down below her breasts. She heard me getting the clips out and was obviously making it easy for me to put them on. I knelt down beside her and sucked a nipple into my mouth. Sucking hard and pulling back it came out with a pop. I pinched it with my thumb and forefinger, and applied the first clip. Doing the same to the other, the chain was now connected between the two clips attached at the nipples.

I took a step back to again drink in the sight of her. The sheer nightie was now bunched up at her waist, her tits hung down with a chain attaching the two together, and her pink cheeks poking out behind her. She was swaying her hips slowly in small circles now, giving the chain a little motion. Moving closer again, I gave a couple of more swift smacks to each cheek.

In between smacks, I would slip my finger deep into her vagina and as I pulled out I would curl my finger and rake it across her G-Spot. Each time she would quickly suck air into her lungs. I instantly shot back at her, "I don't think so. You were the bad girl remember?

Want to get spanked tonight bad girl

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