What is the difference between making love and screwing

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Fuck as many people as you want— it means nothing. A search for temporary passion and feeling. You can hold a stranger close and feel nothing. And maybe some people need that, maybe some people need that feeling of emptiness. You feel so exposed and insecure lying there, clothingless. But at the same time, you feel perfect. Everything is perfect. In darkness, you see light. You feel an overwhelming sensation of peace and tranquility. It stops because you want to feel as close to that person as long as possible. You want the clock to stop. You want the world to freeze. You want your chest to stay close to his for eternity.

It feels like he is holding your heart. When you fuck, you fuck. And when you sex, you love. But, hey what can I say it was on my mind. Love is something that develops gradually. So, until you find love- fuck as many people as you want. Once you find your person. Once you find the love of your life. And it will set you free. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about .

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What is the difference between making love and screwing

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MKE SEX: “Having sex” vs. “making love”