What is the meaning of consider in hindi

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Meaning and definitions of consider, translation of consider in Hindi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of consider in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry "consider" What consider means in Hindi, consider meaning in Hindi, consider definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of consider in Hindi. And more Discuss in Hindi Forum. English Hindi Dictionary for iOS. English Hindi Dictionary for Windows. Sponsored Links.

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Social -in. Member . Remember Me Forgot password? New user? Back to top. Support About. Keep in Touch Facebook. English Hindi Dictionary on App Store. Windows Hindi App. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Highly Rated! A Committee constituted by the House or by the Chairman or by the presiding officers of both the Houses tly to consider and report on specific matter and becomes functus officio as soon as the task is completed.

A Committee of eminent scholars was accordingly formed under the presidentship of Dr. Henry Stephen, Professor of English in the University, to consider the best means of commemorating the occasion. A conference to consider the courses of study for the national education scheme was also held. A meeting of the All-India Congress Committee was called to consider the fundamental rights resolution of the Karachi Congress.

A nation is free if its corporate actions are determined by its own people and not by people whom they consider alien.

What is the meaning of consider in hindi

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consider - Meaning in Hindi