What lsd does to your body

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W hat exactly happens to the brain on psychedelic drugs? A small new study , published in the journal Current Biology , peeked inside the brains of 15 people during an acid trip and found brain-scan backup for a popular drug cliche: that the tripper feels at one with the universe. Fifteen healthy people, who were experienced users of lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, came twice to a lab in London.

Once, they were injected with a small amount of LSD 75 micrograms ; the other time they received a saline placebo. After an hour, to let the effects settle in, they got into an fMRI brain scanner, which captured images of what went on in their brains. When they looked at the regions of the brain involved in introspection, or thinking about oneself, and sensory areas that perceive the outside world, they found that these networks were communicating more intensely than usual.

In another neuroimaging study published earlier this week in the journal PNAS— conducted by many of the same authors, including Tagliazucchi—the researchers found that LSD changes visual information in the brain. While people are on acid, they start to see activity going on in the brain, which is normally suppressed from perception, Tagliazucchi explains. The ability to see this internal activity is likely responsible for hallucinations and visual distortions on LSD, he says. Tagliazucchi acknowledges that more research is needed—not just to provide biological evidence for the reported experiences of people on acid, but to explore a potential therapeutic approach for people with anxiety or depression.

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What lsd does to your body

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Acid: What does it do to you?