Whos avan jogia dating

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Who has Avan Jogia dated? The Avan Jogia dating history isn't that long. There have only been a handful of Avan Jogia relationships. At least, the year-old singer and actor has only gone public with a couple of relationships.

There aren't too many Avan Jogia exes. This list shows all the women Avan Jogia dated, in chronological order from most recent. Avan Jogia girlfriends are often actresses, which makes sense considering he's been in the acting business since the age of You'll see some big names on this list of people Avan Jogia dated. However, Avan Jogia has not married. There is no Avan Jogia wife, as of yet. Is Avan Jogia single? Sadly, he is not. The most recent Avan Jogia girlfriend is Cleopatra Coleman.

Read below to find out more about their relationship, and to get the full Avan Jogia dating history. Cleopatra Coleman is Avan Jogia's current girlfriend. They seem to have a lot of fun together, including dressing up as Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton circa for the Zombieland: Double Tap premiere.

The look was based on Jolie and Thornton's infamous red carpet appearance for Gone in 60 Seconds. Talk about couple goals. Unlike Jolie and Thornton, however, the happy couple isn't ready to get married quite yet. Zoey Deutch and Avan Jogia's relationship was the real deal. The pair was together for about five years, which is longer than many young Hollywood relationships.

Although their love life was kept mostly private, they did receive public attention for their adorable Instagram posts back in Deutch and Jogia both appeared in 's Zombieland: Double Tap, after they split up in early While there's not much evidence of their encounter, there is a photo of Cyrus and Jogia getting up close and personal on the night of her 18th birthday.

The details and length of their relationship are unknown, although s point to a short-term fling. Cleopatra Coleman. Zoey Deutch. Photo: Gracenote. Miley Cyrus.

Whos avan jogia dating

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Here’s What We Know About Avan Jogia’s Relationship Status